Exploring Frankfurt: Part 1

After a long drive through Switzerland, we made it into Frankfurt for the workshop, and then it was all work for a few days - the area was cool, and we had some awesome views of downtown Frankfurt:


After the workshop was over, we got to go visit Frankfurt briefly. Frankfurt is a pretty commercial area, with the financial center of Germany in the heart of the town. It's also the most diverse and international - almost one in three of the people living in Frankfurt do not hold a German passport. Walking around town we also managed to stumble into the shop of a very famous graffiti artist, who goes by the street name of Klark Kent. I honestly don't know much about graffiti art, but NYC is a huge playground for graffiti artists. When he found out that we were from NY, he got all excited and started showing us all sorts of pictures from his work in NYC. 


He seems to be an established artist in his field, and has worked in many different cities. He owns/runs arts and craft store in Frankfurt, names Montana. He is part of the Montata Writer Team, a group sponsored by the spray can painting manufacturer Montana. The store sells a lot of spray paint stuff, obviously, and he is pretty passionate about it. He also described Frankfurt briefly, and explained that Frankfurt is a gritty city, which makes most tourists think that its full drugs or something of that sort. But It's a hard town, he said. I didn't really feel that as we walked around, but possibly we didn't go to the 'right' areas.


We had to leave pretty early, but we came back to Frankfurt after a few months again - more here: Exploring Frankfurt: Part 2