An ongoing project for my entire life, but I couldn't not include a set from the country where I was born. My country gets a lot of bad rep, and the only news you hear about it are about floods, cyclones, tragedies, political turmoil, etc. Its not what I remember growing up. I wanted to show a country that has so much more to offer than the sum of its statistics.

The Tattoo Project

Tattoos are not a very well known cultural norm where I grew up. In fact, only very recently did it experience a resurgence in the US, and became mainstream. It's bizarre seeing something drawn permanently on someones skin. Although it doesn't have the taboo that it used to, I'm curious as to why the average person gets one. In this project, I have tried to take portraits of people with their tattoos, proudly showing the part the tattoos play in their lives.


I've in the NYC area for about 19 years now, from Queens to East Village, to finally mid Long Island. It's sad how little pictures I have of both the places, but I'm working on it.