A Drive through German Countryside

When I got a chance to go to work in Germany twice in the last year, I took the opportunity to first go to Milan and then drive up there with my friend in Italy. We drove through Switzerland mostly, and some places near Bavaria. But a major part of the drive was through Germany with visits to a few towns. Germany has a very rich history (which I won't really go into here because there is a ton of information out there about it) which is impossible to experience in one trip. On our drive, the thing that I could experience most was the country side, which were like scenes from fairy tales and story books. You have the surrounding Alps, majestic views of them towards the north, river valleys and castles all over the place, and a lot of forests that look very enchanting and mysterious. 

We happened to pass by one these forests - Krausenbacher Forst - driving through Bavaria on highway AB15, near Dammbach. Its part of the larger Schwarzwälder Hochwald (Bavarian Spessart Nature Park), and has really good views of the forest. We stopped near one of the turns to discover some of the forest.