Mahbubur Rahman

In 2015, this site will have existed for about 15 years. During this time, this site has gone through many, many iterations, and I've struggled to keep it consistent. I've tried in the past to make it all about photography, but for one reason or the other, that has never worked, probably because I don't really see myself as a real photographer, and often feel like a fraud with expensive camera equipment. 

Over the years, one thing that has clearly stood out in my life is travel. I was born in Bangladesh, but then my dad decided to gallivant all over the world, and we, along with my mom ended up living in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia before I was 11. Eventually we settled back in Dhaka, and when I was 18, I left for the US. By then the travel bug had already infected me. I've made the NYC area my base ever since, but I've travelled to as many places I possibly could, and it has been one consistent thing in my life.

So now, after 15 years, this site gets a re-incarnation, yet again, and because of the most consistent thing in my life, this site is going to become a place for travel stories - outgoing and incoming. Outgoing, for when I travel, incoming for when people travel to visit me. I'm a little afraid to label it again, but I have a good feeling about it this time.

Learning to Fly

The name of this site comes from a Pink Floyd song called ‘learning to fly’ – it was written when David Gilmour assumed the position of the lead after Roger Waters left the band. I feel it was written as metaphor for starting something new, venturing into the unknown….not knowing where you will end up.