Lost Art


This is chacoli being served at the famous Bar Haizea in San Sebastian. If this guy looks familiar, you probably saw him on an episode of No Reservations, when Anthony Bourdain went on a culinary tour around Spain's Basque region. Chacoli (or Txakoli in Basque) is a sparkling dry wine produced in this region, and is really refeshing in the summer. I remember when I saw the episode that I recognized this guy but couldn't place him, until I saw this picture. Same as in the episode, this tapas bar has a neighborhood feel, and this guy knows everybody. People come here and hang out of hours, chatting with the bartender and eating all sorts of delicious tapas. He takes pride in his work and his food - something missing in a lot of places these days. Just in case you are in the area, you should visit - this place comes highly recommended by the Arzak family.